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Tax advice
for private individuals

Tax laws are complex and subject to constant fiscal policy changes. The complexity for the individual is increasing. We offer comprehensive tax advice for your private income and property issues.
Our claim is to give you the best tax advice for your life planning.

Overview of consulting services for private individuals

  • advice on income tax
  • advice on inheritance tax and donation tax
  • advice on the tax liability of foreigners in Germany
  • advice in case of unresolved income

Consulting services
for companies and business people

Successful management of companies means to set the right course at an early stage and to use detailed operational information as decision-making aids. We do not see ourselves as a means of fulfilling administrative tax obligations but rather as partners for the realization of your economic goals and consultants for tax-optimized solutions.

Overview of consulting services for companies and business people

  • tax declaration, accounting and annual financial statements for all kind of companies
  • digital accounting
  • formative consulting
  • consulting for founders and start-ups
  • business mediation

INTERTRUST. Our name is a promise.

The promise to accompany you as a trustworthy and competent partner with our company experience and competence in advising tax and business management issues.

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Contact details

INTERTRUST Consulting GmbH
Kapellenstraße 50
65830 Kriftel

Phone: 06192 92190 – 0
Fax: 06192 92190 – 90
E-Mail: kanzlei@intertrust.de

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 08:00 to 17.00
Friday: 08:00 to 15:00

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Despite the central location of our tax consulting firm, you are spared a long parking search. Sufficient parking spaces are in front of the bulding of the company.

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